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Anti-Viral Breathe Better Mask - washable up to 50 times

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Extreme durability: washable up to 50 times

Scientifically proven to reduce more than 99% viral activity of SARS-CoV-2 under 30 min on contact

The Wise Protec Anti-Viral Breathe Better Mask was created with the purpose of adding an extra layer of protection to your daily life without compromising your comfort.

It was designed to be used for long periods of time with comfort and safety.
The facial protection system was made with a technology that repels water particles and other organic materials – such as viruses – creating an invisible layer that helps keep you protected.

Packing unit: 1 or 3 pcs

Care & Cleaning

Wise Protec products are engineered to self sterilise in less than 24 hours. To maximize the product’s life cycle and protection properties, we recommend hand washing with cold water and avoid ironing.

For additional safety and quality safeguard, our product was tested and certified according to guidelines and using 60°C washing cycles.


Camphor is an organic compound extracted from the wood of camphor trees. It is a terpene commonly used in ayurvedic medicines to treat several problems such as cough and throat pain.


Echinacea is a plant native to North America. Humans have been using it for centuries to treat common cold, coughs, bronchitis, and other upper respiratory infections.

Cough and Pain relief

Camphor and echinacea help to treat light cold and cough and relieving airways congestion. Camphor oil is an ingredient of many vaporubs and decongestants. Once on the skin it acts as a counter irritant and it is commonly used topically to relieve pain and swelling.

Helps Induce Sleep

Camphor oil has a calming effect that promotes a good night’s sleep.


80% polyester, 20% elastane. Filter: 100% polypropylene